Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mark "Lucky" Luckin reports on 70.3 Mandurah!!

Below another tail from Mark Luckin, A.K.A Lucky about his race success at 70.3 Mandurah!!
Prepare to be dazzled and slightly disturbed by his writing style. Always the entertainer!!

Well done Mark, we were very impressed by that performance. Just one big day left "IMWA"

Mark's Blog Below!!

Dear reader who graciously accepted my 40 Iranian Rial as a polite invitation to read my latest post. This in a feeble attempt to increase reader numbers and therefore increase my popularity points to over 45!! (Out of a possible 950,000), thank you. (Further apologies I could only offer to pay two people, Mum and Dad).

Well that joke should be enough to get you through the next couple of paragraphs. Mandurah 70.3 was a race I was not particularly excited about. Hit with continuous bouts of the Flu, niggling injuries and Motivation-deterioration-itis over the winter I was preparing my self for a fairly lacklustre day.

The morning of the race I was REEEE-laxed even after having an exam Saturday afternoon and driving up Sunday morning. In the water and it was a spread out field. After informing the field the Andy-Cat was on hot form and his were the feet to sit on I was ready to go. As the buzzer went two gentlemen Wetsuit McBlacky Wetsuitington and Goggles Face-enhiven (actual names) put a good little gap on me and the rest of the under 24 age group that had been touted as “the most stacked competitive group of athletes in any event ever of all time” (by me). I was left to lead the rest of the field around for the remaining 1.7k and swam comfortably.

Out of the water I was happy and surprised by a) my position, b) how I felt and c) how my hair was looking. I mounted Chrissie the 2nd (my bike, not some poor spectator) and set off. I soon realised it was a particularly windy day, head wind out, tail wind back. I worked hard into the headwind and was surprised how good I felt. The ride back into town was AH-MAZ-ING. Spotting a few of the gang along the way was enjoyable and I was able to keep a close eye on my main competitor of the day – the only lady racing in the 60-65 age group. That’s not meant to be interpreted as any way offensive to her, I was just certain an explosion on my behalf was imminent and she would be coming for me.
Turning back into the headwind for the second lap and I knew this was where my “supreme” form would be exposed. To my delight I continued to hold my watts and pace into the wind. I was stoked! I turned into the tailwind and started to make my way back. It was then I heard the sonic boom of the JONATHON 3000 approaching. From here I made a concerted attempt to hold him off until the end of the bike, not because I didn’t want him to whoop my ass but I knew if I could I was riding ok.

After loosing my aero straw cover (worth 100 watts) with about 20k to go I was certain I was doomed, but I somehow managed to make it back to T2 in front. After a gracious dismount, a fumble with some socks and a couple of quick autographs for “the kids” (mum and dad) I was off! Again I was really surprised how great I felt and I settled in to a reasonable pace.

What was more enjoyable was to see how surprised every one else was at me doing so well, some memorable quotes were; Dad – “holy sh*t are you ok?? You’re doing really well”, Rodzy “hey man!” (after exiting the pub) and Guy – “omg Lucky wow ok I was not expecting this, ok, just settle in man, don’t go out too hard!!”. It was a good feeling!
The first lap was hot. What was hotter was getting my first glance of the Adonis Sean Jermy, that guy is looking FIT for Ironman and out split me in every leg of the day. Coming back in to finish the first lap I was politely informed it was time to hurt myself. I worked quite hard in that second lap. With about 2-3k to go I spotted a guy ahead of me just running over the last bridge and thought “I bet that is a podium spot right there.” I engaged warp speed 7 and put my best I’m not working hard at all face on when I ran past him. I managed to hold the gap.

Just as I was running down the finish chute I heard the announcer well...announce that the winner in our age group had just crossed the line, I was literally a minute behind First McPlacington. I was stoked and stopped just ahead of the line to take it all in. The performance was a complete shock and I had managed a great day, I was humbled and extremely happy. The worst part of my day, not seeing enough of Mark McKenzie for sure.

At presentations after chatting to Firsty, I realised I was going to be given the opportunity to take a Kona slot. With full time University and work next year I was at first not too keen to take a slot. I thought to myself however (with a little convincing) if I never get an opportunity again I’ll never let myself live it down, so I took it!! And so did my twin sister!!
The Luckin twins are going to KONA!!!
Kudos to everyone that gained a Kona slot at Mandurah 70.3. To not take one when it is offered to you on principle is ridiculous, considering the athletes don’t determine what races the slots are offered at. Well done and don’t worry about the haters.

Now onto Ironman in 2.5 weeks!! What the day will hold I don’t know, but I am looking forward to it! Massive congrats to Sean, Macca, Jono, Lisa, Le Andy Chat, Kate L and everyone else racing. A big thanks to everyone that came to support, Guy and Kate, Total Tri and Ryders. What a day! Until next time

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