Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Jono Considine Reports on 70.3 Mandurah!!

Jono's been training with us for going on a year now.
He's got some power and when not all used in one effort this power aids him well!!

His goal is Ironman Western Australia in just a few weeks.
However off a very short taper he managed 5th in his age group at Mandurah 70.3, secured a spot to 70.3 Worlds and set a PB.
That left us feeling quite proud!! Well done Jono, you've come a long way.

Pictures all stolen by yours truly from facebook!! (Sorry Jono)

Jono's report

Off to Canada

After a long winter of training to get the body ready for IMWA I was excited to get out on course, and what a day it turned out to be!
I found myself at the front of a chasing pack for the swim, which while not ideal from an energy conservation point of view allowed me to take the shortest possible route through the canals. Having struggled with my wetsuit it was on to the bike and without a doubt my favourite part of racing, chasing people. Conditions were played nicely in to my hands with buffeting cross winds on the way out to the turn around, allowing me to pick my way through the line of other age groupers struggling to stay in the aero position. Making the turn back towards town, it was time to put down the power and try to ride as fast as possible to continue my quest of catching everyone ahead of me. Despite the minor hassle of dropping a gel at some stage on the first lap, I was able to hold things together on the second lap and make up seven places on the bike course.

Having dropped my bike at the dismount line, amid a barrage of expletives, it was time for the real suffering to begin on the run. Running out of transition the legs weren’t feeling too bad given the effort that I’d put in on the bike. The first lap was pretty solid; despite feeling distinctly average, as a result I used all my nutrition before even starting the second lap. Oh dear! It’d be fair to say that at this stage I was fairly concerned as to whether I’d finish, some encouragement from Guy and some stern words from Kate was all I needed. I managed to run a solid second lap, only walking in order to get some ice and water in, gaining a further two spots.

With a 5th place in the 25-29 age-group I managed to book a spot at the World Champs in Mont Tremblant next year. Can’t quite believe that I managed it, and I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun doing a race. What a day!
Big thanks firstly to Guy and Kate for not only their fantastic training plan, but also their support and willingness to let me tag along on their training sessions. Secondly the training partners that kept me going over the winter, in no particular order; Andy, Lisa, Macca, Mark and Sean. Also, big thanks to Paul Newsome for the awesome swim sessions. Lastly, the obligatory thank you to my family for their ongoing support. I would thank a sponsor if I had one!

Jono and Mark!!

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