Saturday, April 21, 2018

Get In Amongst It.


Taking on your first triathlon should be a fun experience. 
Or Maybe’s it not your first but your looking to improve on a few areas? 
We hope the read below will motivate, relax, entertain and ultimately help you have fun and race faster. 


Embrace the challenge and throw yourself in there to have a good time. 
Getting stressed won’t help, So stay relaxed and Get In Amongst It.

When searching for advice on how best to prepare for your race/event. Choose one person in the know. Don’t get advice from every single person you meet on the street. This will just leave you confused and overwhelmed as every-one will have an opinion on how you should be “triathloning”. Look for a coach or someone who’s been in triathlon for a while as they will be able to steer you in the right direction without sending you a spreadsheet on aerodynamics. 

Train for your triathlon.
This might be coming in a bit late for this weekends event. But there is always another event around the corner. So get those knuckles to the grindstone. (Just kidding, training is fun so enjoy the time and use it as ME TIME)
But what If you don’t feel motivated? And what if it’s raining? These are good questions. 
If it’s a motivation issue!! Put on your favourite music, maybe that’s Madonna or Disturbed and go do it anyway. You’ll feel better afterwards I promise. 
If it’s raining and you have a ride, ride on the indoor trainer and watch something on Netflix.  OR swap your days around so you run instead of ride. 

Enjoy the process. Triathlon is so much fun. It’s a great way to get out there and meet like minded people while exercising and having a great time. Racing is the icing on the cake when it comes to triathlon, It is the reward for the hard work. So enjoy the process and then enjoy the race even more. 


SWIM: If the swim makes you a little anxious or you are a little nervous,  I have found the following things help. Wait a few seconds for the quicker swimmers to take off before diving in. Don’t put yourself in the middle of your start wave. Put yourself to the side away from the chaos. 

BIKE: Build into it. Finish at the same speed you start. It’s easy to get excited and go to MAX during the early stages of the race. But an even paced ride will mean you ride faster and leave you feeling fresh for the run.
Also focus on hydration! The bike is the easiest place to take in fluids and those fluids will be needed for the run.

RUN: Quick feet are happy feet. 
The run is generally the toughest part AND the most rewarding. If you’re starting to struggle think quick feet are happy feet. Picking up your cadence on the run can help speed you up without you even knowing it. 
The less time those feet spend on the ground the quicker you will run. This can happen without a huge increase in effort. 

Here are a few more picture related tips.  Some of these quotes might be slightly left field. (Just go with it)

1: Never Give Up!! Go get that goal!!

2. Temptation: Triathlon is a temptation you MUST TRI. “you’ll love it” 

3. Yeah probably don’t Skydive. But triathlon is 100% for you. It’s all about having a go and enjoying yourself. 

4. Ok I can’t think of a good reference, except for “go get yourself some triathlon awesomeness”. 

5. This one is particularly relevant and probably the most important TIP for a smooth day. Plan your triathlon out beforehand. This will make race day a breeze. Avoiding stressful situations will mean you’re not the “some-one else” in the quote below. So lay out your race gear the night before. Swim/bike/run, sort out your nutrition, travel, know where you are going, allow plenty of time to get there, hydrate. If it’s planned out in advance it’s not stressful. If you’re in a rush and don’t know where you put your helmet things can get upsetting!  

6. Stay Positive. Not just in training but in racing. Sometimes things go perfectly and sometimes they don’t. But when you stay positive It’s all an awesome experience!  

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