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August Newsletter

Welcome to our new way to share what is going on at GKE and with all our awesome athletes! We are hoping to create a monthly newsletter so if you have any suggestions, content or feedback, please let me know via email

After settling back into life in Boise, Kate and Guy made the trek to California for Ironman Vineman and are now enjoying some much deserved downtime & wineries in the Napa Valley! 



 Vineman 70.3 - Luke
 NT long course champs - Matt B


Perth Half Marathon- Courtney, Kate S. & Renee


Hardwood 50 MTB- Paul

Gold Coast Peaks Challenge - Rae

(235km, 4000m of climbing and a 12hr deadline!)

NT Grand Fondo - Matt

The Redback Mountain Bike Multi Day event
 - Shannon

Ironman Copenhagen - Fabiana & Patrik

WAMC Pancake Run - Mick H.


Bintan 70.3 - Ann Louise, Claire, Kate B., Peter & Suzie
City to Surf Half Marathon- Buck, Dylan, Kate S., Kay, Leanne & Leigh

City to Surf Marathon- Ale, Janine, Julie & Mick M.

In case you missed seeing it on Facebook, Bike intervals have resumed on Thursday mornings.  We leave from Raffles around 5.30am and return around 7am. All GKE athletes welcome!  

Be sure to dress warm (although we will make you sweat) and remember your lights! If the weather is questionable, check the Athlete Facebook page for updates or text Janine on 0412850010. 

We have organised a GKE get together and casual picnic to send our
70.3 World Champ athletes off with a bang and also to celebrate the
races of the peeps tackling the City 2 Surf that morning! It would also be a great opportunity for everyone to meet any new athletes that have joined the team..

Park on May Drive near Zamias Cafe and walk towards the playground and look for the Kaye Family or give me a call on 0412850010 if you can't find us!

Please bring a plate to share, and your own chair/blanket and beverages!
We will bring the footy and the cricket set.. 

Unsure about whether to apply ice or heat to an injury? This is something I’m often asked in clinic, and the answer isn’t always straightforward! It can depend on the type of injury and the body part affected. Check out this blog post with some simple guidelines.  

Direct your physio questions and queries to Ruth via email or in person at either:
My Physio Perth, 32 Seacrest Dr, Sorrento  (08)9447 6152
or Performance Pilates and Physio, 189 Carr Place, Leederville (08) 9228 2778
As you train harder and push your body physically further, your perception of pain can be the telling factor in your success. 
Kate shared this article which shares some great techniques to use to build your tolerance to pain and how to push beyond those barriers!

5 Quick Questions with Holly Vernon

Here’s Holly! She’s been a GKEndurance athlete since 2015. She’s a multiple 70.3 and Red Dog Relay finisher, Mum to three fantastic kids (Josh, Eva and Matthew), and calls Dampier home. This means training through the hottest summers the Pilbara has to offer… even setting the alarm for 3am when necessary! Let's all get to know a little more about Holly...
Do you have any nicknames we don’t know about? 
Don’t really have any nicknames that you don’t know about – I am too well behaved to earn one! hehee

How long have you been involved in Triathlons and how did you first get introduced/involved into Tri’s? I have been involved in triathlons for about 3 years – the first couple of years were just dabbling in teams in 70.3’s and local races, and then my first solo 70.3 was in Busselton 2015.
My husband Paul has got me into triathlon!!! He was racing both 70.3’s and Ironman’s when I was pregnant with our third child in 2012…and I thought….well if I want to lose this baby weight…what better way to do it then try a triathlon in a team! I had always played heaps and heaps of sport throughout my whole life so I thought well why not?

Highlight of your Triathlon adventure so far? The highlight of my triathlon journey so far is that my poor poor coach Ruth has taken a person who has never-ever been a long distance runner and forming me into someone who can last the distance. To see improvement of run times is quite exciting as I consider this to be my absolute weakest leg.

What is the funniest or strangest thing that has happened to you during or before a race? The most strangest and probably luckiest thing that has happened to me in a race was when I was competing in a short distance triathlon here in Dampier through the Nickol Bay Triathlon Club.
I must have had the bike on the wind-trainer beforehand, as I asked my husband to change my back-wheel over for me (as I was still not bike-savvy and didn’t know how to do this).
So unbeknownst to me I went off and did the race and did quite well in it….but through the whole bike leg I was thinking to myself that it felt as though the brake was rubbing on the back tyre….something just didn’t feel right.

I mentioned this to Paul after the race and he went over and looked at the back wheel…and his face turned into a look of horror……he said… “Oh my god….I didn’t put the skewer in the back wheel………your whole wheel could have fallen off when you were riding”……and me being the newborn into the whole biking scene really didn’t think too much of it.
He certainly received a large amount of ribbing from his mates about it……and it’s only now after I know a slight amount about bike setup that I realise the potential of disaster. Especially because Dampier is quite hilly and we are coming down these hills quite fast. Good one my love.

Favourite food when not training? Wow – so many favourite foods to pick from whilst not training…….hmmm….does it have to be food or can it be alcohol? I would much rather a glass of champers than a chocolate! 

We all love to rock our GKE gear so if you have any ideas or suggestions, be sure to email them to Janine.

NEW HATS - $17 each or 2 for $30

After the feedback from the people with "smaller" heads we have gone back to the more narrow trucker hat style of our original black and white design. We have 2 new hat designs now available.

A racy red one that is perfect for your race day as you will be visible from miles away on the run and it won't be as hot as black. Plus a funky new black lightning bolt one that you can sport wherever and whenever you like!

Contact Janine ( to order one or both!

At the end of June, Lisa Tyack took herself off solo to the USA to visit Kate and Guy and have a crack at Coeur d'Alene 70.3. She had a truly amazing race at CDA, finishing first in her age group (25-29), first female Age Grouper and she set the inaugural course record! 

Lisa is truly humble athlete who I don't think realises just how amazingly talented she really is. Hopefully her success at this race has helped her to dream bigger and believe in herself just that little bit more. We are so proud of you Lisa! You can check out her fabulous race report here

Janine recently did a St Johns refresher first aid course and one of the many great things she got out of it was finding out about the awesome (and free) Emergency + app.

This app will not only dial 000 for you with one button press, but it will also give you your GPS co-ordinates so an ambulance or emergency services can pin point your exact location to come and help you.
This would be something everyone, especially all cyclists, should want and have on their phone.. so if you ever need help you can give your exact location rather than "somewhere on the freeway bike path near the camels". Get it here people!

Claire Davis was visiting the U.S. recently and had me giggling with this Facebook status:

USA lessons: Gym treadmills are set to MILES so when you punch in 4:15 pace it really means 2:30/km.....lucky to walk away with only my knee and my pride scratched!

We all think George might like a visit to Kona this year ;) 

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