Monday, May 16, 2016

End of the season... Or start of the next?

With Busselton 70.3 Over for another year we are bought to the end of our season ... Or is it just beginning of the next?

We were very lucky to have a huge contingent of GK athletes racing at Busselton 70.3 this year. The total was 32 including team members which was great. We love racing and watching our athletes in Busselton. Plus sharing a drink at the after party is always fun too.

We had some massive PB's out on the course and for all of you who managed this "congratulations".
For those of you that had sub-optimal days, it's ok. It's racing and it can't be perfect all the time.There is always another race. We've talked and I know by now you've found more positives than negatives in the result and that is the key.

As we move into the off season (At least for our Australian based athletes) I've been thinking what that means and I'd prefer to call it "The start of the next season" this doesn't mean you have to go out and start running 1KM max efforts! 
It means "Enjoy yourself, take time to choose your goals for the coming season and continue to exercise". Assuming you are having a break from a structured programme.  It's way easier to get back into training if you've been riding to and from work, swimming once or twice a week and going for the occasional jog than if you sat on the couch for 6 weeks eating donuts. Plus it reduces your risk of injury.
We see exercise different to training. Exercising can be anything, Walking the dog, Mountain biking, a Park Run, fartlek training to catch the train etc etc..

So enjoy the next few weeks of exercising, relaxing, choosing your goals, if you haven't already and getting hungry for the next season. Coming into your next block of training with a fresh mind and fresh body will be key.

Write your goals down on something you see every-day. Coffee Jar etc. It will remind you why you get out of bed in the morning and that the sacrifice you make today will be worth it tomorrow.

Your are all awesome and we are very lucky to have such amazing people training with us.

Your GK Coaches Kate, Guy, Ruth, Paul and Janine.

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