Saturday, February 7, 2015

Rachels Relay for 70.3 Boise

A Little note about a relay we're doing for our friend Rachel in Boise.
Remember Your healthy your fit and your doing a great sport. Stay safe out on the roads people!!

Last year, Boise local triathlete and good friend, Rachel Corey, was severely injured in a collision with a truck while training. As a way to support her recovery, Therapeutic Associates, TriTown, Professional Triathletes Kate Bevilaqua and Guy Crawford are forming 2 relay teams for the 2015 Boise 70.3. We are raffling off 2 spots on each team, and Kate or Guy will be the third participant on each team. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Rachel to help with continuing medical expenses. You can purchase raffle tickets with cash/check at TriTown, or any Therapeutic Associates location in Boise, or online here:
Please help us spread the word!
Thanks team

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