Sunday, May 19, 2013

Coaching for you!!

THE START of something AWESOME!!

We have finally got around to making our own coaching page.

This blog will be for you the athlete and also for us the coaches to post training advice, group sessions, athlete profiles (yours), and a place for race reports, nutritional advice and general Tri stuff.

We want this to be fresh and open, those of you that know us well will know we are still trying to race at the top level, but we want to give back to the sport and create a coaching program that will entice the beginner and challenge the elite. We both feel we have the knowledge and understanding to do just that. We are looking forward to increasing our athletes, but will only take on a manageable level, because we want to see you achieve your goals.

Race reports will be posted from us and our athletes on this site, so please send them to us.
Also any Nutritional, training or general blogs are welcome.

We look forward to coaching you, and watching you achieve your goals.

Until the next post.

G and K

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